5 Tips and Tricks for Creating the Perfect SEO Report

  • July 31, 2019
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5 Tips and Tricks for Creating the Perfect SEO Report
5 Tips and Tricks for Creating the Perfect SEO Report

When you create your SEO report, it is important to follow certain steps to make it as efficient as possible. If you don’t make a perfect SEO report, you’ll have trouble figuring out where you’re SEO strategy is going well and where it is lacking.

We’ve put together five tips and tricks for creating the perfect SEO report. If you follow these as well as the general rules for making an SEO report, you’ll find that the final copy makes much more sense than if you didn’t. Not only will it look better to you, but it will also make it much easier for others to comprehend what you’ve put together.

If you would like to know five tips and tricks for creating the perfect SEO report, then take a look at what we have in store for you!

  #1 – Apply Efficient Key Performance Indicators

A key performance indicator, or KPI, involves a factor that demonstrates the effects of your SEO scheme. For example, the number of new accounts in the month is one KPI. Another would be average visitors per day over the month.

When you utilize SEO for business purposes, you need to consider all the KPIs you’ll need before you start. The more essential information you have access to, the better. Make sure to apply any and all efficient KPIs to your SEO report. This means you will need to keep track of this information as time goes by. Trust us when we say you won’t regret doing so!

  #2 – Keep It Simple

When we say to keep it simple, we don’t mean to exclude information. What we mean is, you should give out all of your data in a fashion that anyone could understand. While the SEO team will likely understand your report regardless of the way you word it, others may also need to read it. By the way, if you want us to handle your SEO, check out the best SEO agency in Toronto

The business owner should also be reading SEO reports to keep track of how their business is doing. Most business owners won’t know all the various terms that you might be familiar with.

On top of that, try to avoid using jargon or any words that are uncommon. Your wording needs to be simple and to the point, while still containing all the necessary data.

  #3 – Summarize Each Metric

Once you’ve collected the data necessary for your SEO report, make sure to summarize each metric. This is more for those who will read the report than for yourself. When you look at the SEO report, it may make perfect sense to you. However, other people may have a different way of thinking.

Having a brief summary will ensure that anyone, no matter their experience, is able to understand what each metric entails. This significantly improves the efficiency of your SEO report.

  #4 – Group Your Data Efficiently

Try to keep certain metrics together in groups. For example, you can separate On-Page and Off-Page SEO metrics.

Doing so allows your report to look organized and professional, as it should. Organization is the key to perfecting an SEO report. If you place all the metrics in the report randomly, the factors are only singular. However, grouping them allows you to see exactly what areas you are having difficulty with.

  #5 – Make Sure Your Results Explain the Effect on the Business

Naturally, your end goal is to show how your SEO plan is improving the business as a whole. You should be able to come to certain conclusions based on the data you’ve compiled in the report.

Remembering that SEO isn’t always an upward scale, you should be able to show at least slight improvements in the majority of the metrics you have listed each week or month.Provided that you follow the above 5 tips and tricks, you should have the perfect SEO report by the time you are done!

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