4 Big Social Media Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Are you upset that your social media is not responding well, the way it used to do last year? If yes, this blog can help you!

Trends for social media marketing rarely stay constant. They keep varying year-to-year and sometimes month-to-month. It is just the nature of socializing itself. Isn’t it?

So, the brands heading into 2020 needs to rethink what “success” looks like for social media marketing at large.

Yes, organizations, despite their sizes, today are tasked with determining a balance between meaningful social postings while also discovering new ways to engage with the audience.

And possibly there is no better time than now to refocus on how your company approaches social media with upcoming trends. However, for that, it is vital to be aware of big and upcoming social media trends for now and beyond.

If you would like to know, then keep reading and learn about the trends we all need to follow in the coming months, for effective results!

#1 Use ephemeral content for your campaigns

Regardless of which SMM Platform you are using, each one is crowded with almost all types of content. Hence, captivating users with the same regular content is not at all easy, but with ephemeral content, it becomes simpler to grab attention.

Be mindful that the brief, appealing, and latest stories offer a quick bite to the readers. The growing engagement rate of Whatsapp status, FB and Instagram stories, signifies the trend. So, to stand out, many brands have already adopted an ephemeral content strategy, and they are even drawing the benefit of it.

#2 Try niche social platforms for better performance

Being the largest and most popular platforms, Facebook and Instagram are dominating social media for years. However, nowadays, various other niche social media platforms are also emerging as well as significantly rising to fame.

For example, many B2B companies are preferring LinkedIn for their social media initiatives. Similarly, the gaming community flocks to Twitch as Twitch’s audience is mainly comprised of teen gamers. There are many such alternative platforms available that are gaining popularity and will continue doing so in 2020 and beyond.

#3 Post engaging, educating videos

One of the most engaging forms of content, these days is video content. And being a clear winner over all other types of content will soon dominate social media. Whether it is long-form content on YouTube or short-form videos like those popular on TikTok or Stories, videos are the tomorrow of social media content.

Based on the Cisco study, 82% of all online content will be video content by 2022. It refers that how vital it is to start utilising videos to stay relevant and upfront, in the social media domain.

In a nutshell, it is time that you should include creating videos in your content strategy, especially if you’re not doing so. Because undoubtedly, videos will dominate social media in the near future, and anyone who doesn’t realise that will have a tough time. You can even begin by using features like Stories both for advertisements and for your social media content. Even platforms that were traditionally dominated by image or text content are now set to make your videos popular.

“Excited to create awesome videos but don’t have technical skills? No worries! You can always join hands with video production agency. They will surely help you get the right video type that will further take your business to next level”

#4 Personalization is new in fashion

How much you know your audience will decide the success of your marketing campaign?. Because if you know them, you will make your campaign up to your customers’ choice. Apart from spreading the word, Platforms like social media are a wonderful place to grow the community, know the buyers, and understand the market.

As we all know, these days, consumers have plenty of choices. They are already filled with ads everywhere. So, make your effort more personal and genuine, especially if you don’t want to miss your audience in this crowd of advertisements.

Create your advertisement with a personal touch for your audience so that they can connect with your brand directly and easily. SMM Platforms like Facebook have made it simpler to target the targeted market and offer them a personalized ad for tremendous ROI. Recognize your market segment and create a promising plan for the long run.

Let a professional social media agency help you!

We are not saying you can’t use your social media, but if you choose to hire a social media agency for your brand, they can do much better. With their experience and knowledge in the industry, they can work as social media wizards for you and make your brand much popular, just the way you dream!

So, whether you do yourself or choose any agency, stay up to trends and earn well!

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